Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Architecture from bi Design

Over the years we have been developing our 3D modelling skills and have always been able to show our clients 3D models of their projects. We have also been able to create CGI images to show what the project will look like when it is completed, all of which have been great tools to help our clients visualise their plans.
However, we always felt that our clients still needed some imagination to visualise what their building would be like if you were actually in it, and what it would be like to walk around and see where the all-important sunlight would be at certain times of the day.

We are very pleased to announce that we now have the in-house capability, to show our clients via a web link to their own computers, what it will be like to see their project from inside and out. When you consider the value of the project large or small it is a really powerful tool to remove any unknowns and uncertainties in your investment.

At bi Design we are always looking at ways we can add value to both the project and the service we provide and this is another great reason to work with us on your project. We are constantly learning about the latest and best software packages, and keeping up to date with current best practice, all with the intention of providing our clients with the best service.

The below are examples of our work

For the best VR Walk Through experience please view in Google Chrome or Firefox which can be downloaded on the below links.
You will need a mouse and a keyboard to be able to freely look and move around, there is a tool at the bottom of the screen showing how to navigate.

If you are looking for a 3D Virtual Reality Architect then please get in touch today for a free quote.

Top tip if you can’t go inside the building press the space bar to go into fly mode.


3d virtual reality architect
3d virtual reality architect
3d virtual reality architect