Brook Lane, Sutton on the Hill

After purchasing a 1970’s dormer bungalow on a beautiful plot at the end of Brook Lane in Sutton on the Hill our client approached bi Design because the existing house was dated and had limited first-floor accommodation because of the dormer roof. The client wanted to remodel the property to create a spacious five-bedroom property that would look stunning from the road.

Our initial architectural design concept was to take the roof off the house and extend the property to both sides, re-roofing higher up to make the property one and a half stories high creating more floor area to the first floor adding an angled porch and two-storey oak frame bay to enhance the extra wow factor to the design that the client wanted to achieve.

The scheme was subsequently costed and it proved that the costs of altering the existing bungalow compared to rebuilding from new were about equal. As new houses are VAT exempt the design was changed to a new build!

The initial design had far exceeded the client’s expectations of appearance and what could fit on the plot and they decided to proceed with the original design concept but as a new build rather than a property remodel.

The outcome is a beautiful new build property where the key living spaces face onto an open paddock. The design is traditional in appearance with contemporary large open-plan living spaces.