Main Street, Repton

Our client approached bi Design having recently purchased a small prefabricated bungalow on a prime but challenging plot on the main route in and out of Repton.

The clients primary objective was to gain planning permission for a much larger replacement dwelling which goes against current planning policy. They also wanted the house to be designed to not only relate to the challenging topography of the site but to appeal to a wide spectrum of the buying market.

The main challenge was to get the planners on board with the concept of replacing the prefabricated bungalow with a much larger house. Using the sites prominent location to our advantage we presented a design to the council which enhanced the site and the setting of Main Street. With good design we over came concerns about the significant increase in size of the house compared to the original bungalow.

The design utilised traditional materials and proportions to create a split level property that stepped up the hill to match the natural topography. The use of oak, hand made bricks, Staffordshire blue tiles, herringbone brickwork and render created interest and texture to the design. Presenting as a house which has evolved over time rather than a stand a lone new house.