Bretby Close, Bretby

50 years ago the newly built flat roof property at Bretby Close was considered to be the latest in architectural design. Unfortunately, the design and layout are now outdated and not worthy of preservation.

Bi Design was appointed to replace the bungalow with a contemporary property that would stand out and pass the test of time.

The brief was to create a predominately single storey property with a special master bedroom to the first floor with a feature balcony.

The concept was to create a building using traditional proportions within the building widths and roof pitches but incorporate contemporary elements by mixing up materials and including lots of glazing.

The outcome is a unique property that has a mixture of facing brickwork, cedral cladding and aluminium windows. The design is based around two wings with a link in the middle. The link in the middle incorporates the front door which is recessed back from the two prominent gables. Internally an oversized kitchen dining living space is open to the main feature gallery staircase and mezzanine. The back of the house incorporates 3 glazed gables and 3 quad roof lights. The glazed gables are complimented with large over-hanging verandas and balconies to offer solar shading and indoor-outdoor spaces.

VR Walk Through

For the best VR Walk Through experience please view in Google Chrome which can be download here