Care Home Development, Balmore Country House, Ruddington

Care Home Development, Balmore Country Home, Ruddington

Bi design has worked on all of Mycare Group care homes since 2003 and has helped improve the layouts and increase the number of bedrooms to maximise the potential of the properties.

Balmore Country House Care Home is a historic period property located within Ruddington’s conservation area and was surrounded by green belt. When Mycare purchased the property, it had already been converted into a care home. At the time it was converted in the ’70s a large austere looking extension was added onto the rear of the period property to create a number of bedrooms.

The initial brief was to maximise the number of care bedrooms in phase 1 by extending the existing care home provision with a subsequent second phase of adding a number of assisted living flats to the site.

The design for phase 1 was for a large extension to replace an existing two-storey house which was linked to the existing home but very underutilised due to its layout. The house and link were in poor condition and it allowed for the large extensions to wrap around a large proportion of the previously constructed unsightly extensions. Utilising period details from the historic part of the property enabled the new extension to blend in with the building frontage making the Northern elevation more appealing from the wider open countryside and conservation area.

The initial application to extend the existing care home by 680m2 and 24 bedrooms was approved in January 2020 and work is currently due for completion by the end of 2020.

Phase 2 is to add as many sustainable assisted living flats to the existing site, as possible taking into account the importance of the conservation area. A new housing estate recently received approval which wraps around three boundaries of the site, the design of the new flats needed to consider the positions and amenity spaces of these properties.

The large extension was designed to be set back from the historic frontage in the gardens to the South. The flats are designed over three storeys with the third storey within a mansard roof space. This allowed for maximum development while keeping the height subordinate to the existing property and still presenting the building as two storeys. A courtyard space within the centre of the flats allows for bedroom windows to have interesting views across the courtyard and creates additional safe outdoor amenity space.

Externally the extensions replicate details from the historic property with timber frames and large semi-circle arch top windows to create an interesting façade in keeping with the area and adding a level of architectural beauty to improve the overall appearance.

It has been proven by the success of Rose Court Lodge Care Home, that by improving the external appearance and internal décor, that it will be much more appealing to residents and residents families, by improving the perception of the quality of the home and level of care they will receive.
The proposed extension will add 3,826m2 and 70 assisted living flats.


Site Development Plan


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