House Remodel, Derby City Centre

House Remodel, Derby City Centre

The Brief

Bi design was recommended by Zing Interior Design to the purchaser of one of the largest houses in Derby City Centre to help them remodel their home. The property was built in the late ’90s, and whilst offering a number of great qualities it had become very dated. Our brief was to remodel the exterior to change the character and add kerb appeal and alter the internal spaces to create a practical family home with all the accommodation of a modern property in 2020.

The Solution

The existing house is split level with the swimming pool floor level being higher than the rest of the property. The rear of the house is dominated by the swimming pool structure which is shut off from the other rooms. Internally the layout was very traditional with lots of medium-sized rooms rather than larger open plan spaces.
As the clients have a young family, a big part of the design brief was to make sure in such a large property that the children can be seen from the main kitchen, dining living area whilst using the swimming pool. The swimming pool is a great feature of the house but could not be seen from any other rooms in the house.
The proposals involve moving the kitchen to the rear of the house and merging the existing dining room and living room to create the kitchen dining space. To compensate for the change in the levels a new contemporary single-storey extension was added off the kitchen at the pool level with a three-sided fireplace breaking up space and creating a striking design feature. The sidewall of the pool will be opened up to the kitchen so the water can be seen reflecting light into the main living areas. A playroom is also being created directly off the kitchen to maintain lines of sight.
Externally the house is to undergo a complete remodel. The existing stone balconies and coins are to be removed/covered by a new smooth render and contemporary stone cladding. The fussy eaves details are to be replaced with aluminium fascia’s.
To the rear, the swimming pool plant room is to be recladded with a new external staircase to the first-floor terrace. The stone balustrade replaced with feature glass balustrading.
To the rear of the pool and the new single-storey extension is a lux louvre roof which will create a sheltered patio area enhancing the indoor-outdoor experience and protect the large glazed areas from overheating from direct sunlight.

The Outcome

To help our clients visualise the changes we produced a VR model to bring the design to life and also accurately show the clients how much natural light there would be on any day of the year, the images created were also used to help with the planning application. Planning permission was granted by Derby City Council, who were very pleased with the design, for the proposed changes with work commencing in late 2020. The proposed scheme transforms the property adding and changing all the spaces needed to make the house not only one of the largest in Derby City Centre but also a practical dream family home.
The introduction of a garage to the front and the creation of a new entrance drive rather than sharing a drive with the neighbouring property will all make a huge difference to how the house is used.