Manorfields, Derby

Our client approached us wanting to expand upon the success of an existing care home in a popular Derby City centre location.

The problem presenting the client was the limited land available on the site and the proximity of the neighbouring dwellings.

The solution was to create a large two-storey extension maximising the number of bedrooms into the new end of the building. To compensate for the number of additional bedrooms extra reception spaces were required under the Care Quality Commissions standards. A new orangery was designed between the existing building and the proposed extension to add the required reception space. The car park was also enlarged to gain adequate staff and visitor parking provisions.

The outcome was to create a large extension which created the number of rooms to maintain the viability of the business. The extension pushed the building very close to the main road so a feature gable was created looking over the road to add interest to a modest side elevation. Due to the proximity of the neighbouring properties, the rooms on the rear of the extension had 45-degree oriel bays which were obscure in one direction to prevent any overlooking. The bays added a design feature to the elevation and rooms whilst overcoming a technical issue.