Marston Lane, Rolleston on Dove

Our clients wanted to improve their living accommodation by adding a garden room and a large master bedroom extension. They also wanted to increase the amount of natural daylight in their Grade two listed house.

We presented our clients with several different options which varied the position of the extension and the amount of accommodation that could be created.

The agreed design was completely different from what the client initially thought they could achieve and the use of oak within the design far exceeded their expectations. We showed them a 3D model which we created in-house which really helped the client visualise what their end result would be.

The outcome was to demolish an inappropriate extension built by previous owners to the rear of their property making space for a contemporary two-storey oak frame structure that made them feel closer to the garden. Large areas of glass made the garden room feel like an extension to the garden. This was achieved with a design that was sympathetic to the existing building and in order to achieve this, we worked very closely with English Heritage and East Staffordshire Borough Council.