The Oaks, Hulland Village

We were commissioned by our client to remodel a dated traditional cottage in a way that was contemporary but would fit well in its village setting, and be an eco-friendly low maintenance property.

Our concept was to remove the 3 fake dormers on the front and replace them with 2 larger gables incorporating Marley Cedral cladding to create a more aesthetically pleasing look at the front and add a 2 storey rear extension to create an en-suite shower room and dressing area for the master bedroom. According to Marley, this was the first time their Cedral cladding had been installed vertically. The rest of the house was completely rendered using a through colour render.

We worked closely with our clients and had several meetings during the feasibility stage to create a building that meets their brief, with an open plan internal layout to take advantage of the great views to southwest facing rear elevation. The rear sliding doors are full height floor to ceiling with Internorms concealed external roller blinds for both security and solar shading, according to Internorm this is the first time they have been installed in the UK.

The Outcome is a striking contemporary cottage that meets our client’s requirements to create a lovely house to live in.