Dormer Bungalow Remodel, Whittington

Dormer Bungalow Remodel, Whittington

The Brief

Bi design was commissioned by our clients who had just purchased a dated poorly extended dormer bungalow in Whittington near Lichfield. Our client bought the property to remodel it into a beautiful family home. A key consideration for our client was our ability to use virtual reality (VR) in the design to allow them to fully visualise the spaces before they made the commitment of starting work.

The Solution

The starting point for the design was to strip back and demolish any part of the building, which couldn’t be altered or salvaged before remodelling and extending, to achieve the clients’ required level of accommodation within their brief.

The Outcome

Planning permission was granted to transform the property from a dated dormer bungalow into an attractive roadside property. A new garage was approved on the frontage allowing for the existing garage to be converted into a large bedroom. The existing flat roof extension is to be rebuilt with a new roof over to integrate seamlessly with the main roof. The first floor and frontage has been transformed by a new feature gable extension, built over the existing front door to create a large dressing room space to the master bedroom, or an optional 5th bedroom in the future.
To the rear bi-fold doors have been integrated into the dining living space, which opens up onto a new raised patio area, the floor will be flush with the house to help create a connection and bring the outside inside.
The external appearance of the bungalow is to be completely transformed, with the walls receiving a render coat and stone details, while the roof covering will be changed for new riven edge slates.