Dunstall Road, Tatenhill

Bi Design were approached to look into developing an open paddock on the edge of Tatenhill into a small high-quality residential development.

At the time of instruction, Tatenhill Parish Council were looking to identify potential pockets of land to add up to 10 properties into the community. The Parish Council has fairly strict guidance particularly on appearance and the percentage of market housing. At least 50% of development needed to be designed as either affordable, elderly, or starter homes.

The concept was to create a new build converted farmstead which was made up of a farmhouse with a mixture of different-sized barn-style buildings wrapping around a farmyard.

The outcome was to be granted planning permission for the development. The approval incorporated 3 over 55 properties two of which were smaller 2 bedroom units and a larger dwelling with ground floor bedroom. The remaining 3 properties are designed with contemporary living spaces within the built form of a converted barn and historical farmhouse. The site has a new footpath across the frontage to link Tatenhill to the surrounding countryside and Newbold wildlife quarry.

The design of the properties as a farmstead was well received by East Staffordshire Borough Council. The bespoke nature of the design and presentation of the drawings enabled the planning officers to have confidence in the quality of the proposed development.