Residential Development – Bramshall Road, Uttoxeter

Location: Roycroft Farm, Bramshall Road, Uttoxter

Project Type: Residential Development

Property Size: Plot 1 house 229m2 detached garage 31m2

                             Plot 2 house & garage 247m2 carport 15m2

On the site of the former farm house and old brick and tile barns at Roycroft Farm, our clients purchased the site in Uttoxeter with planning permission for two new houses.

Set on original farmland, surrounded by a development of around 150 homes, our design incorporated all the open spaces that often can’t be found in standard new-build construction, with unique and bespoke touches that elevated the homes from the neighbouring development.

The farmhouse is a grand, more formal home, with the property next door in the style of a barn – both substantial, elevated family homes that are set apart from the surrounding houses.

Originally, the planning approval meant that access to the two properties came via the rear of the property, using the same entrance as the development. Working alongside Staffordshire County Council, we changed the access, so it was via the main road and a side road, set away from development traffic.

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