Bungalow Remodel, Derby Road, Aston on Trent

Location:  Derby Road, Aston on Trent

Project Type: Bungalow Remodel,

Existing Floor Area: 247m2
Proposed Floor Area: 329m2

Recent changes to Permitted Development Rights, give bungalow owners an option to extend upwards without needing full planning permission. Making the possibility to extend your bungalow and add value, a reality.
Our clients in Aston on Trent wanted to add an extra floor to their bungalow, turning it into a contemporary large 5-bedroom home which is completely unrecognisable from the original building.
Now with a balcony from the master bedroom, taking in views of the nearby fields, high-performance windows with a feature window and dormer on the extension, to allow for extra headspace and glazing from the open plan kitchen/living space which opens up for easy access to the garden.
Rendering and stone cladding gives a modern appearance to this former bungalow.
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