Mercia Marina, Willington – Proposed Single Storey Building with Class E use


A  new detached single storey building with Class E a, b,c,d & g (i) use is proposed at Mercia Marina, Willington – Derbyshire’s largest waterside attraction, for our existing clients, Madecorn Leisure. Designed for the Marina office as its main and intended use, but with the flexibility to be able to use the building within the constraints of most parts of Class E, it provides a versatile space to adapt to the future needs of the day-to-day running of the Marina.  
Accessed from within the public area of Mercia Marina on the south end, the proposed building is adjacent to the boaters amenity block at the secure gateway, between the private domain of the Marina and the public domain.
Orientated so it’s parallel to the Marina, in a simple rectangle shape, with an intricate slate roof made up of 6 angled verge gables which draw inspiration from the award-winning Boardwalk and Piazza and creates a point of interest from all angles as the building is very visible to the North East, South East and South West elevation. Working in harmony with the Boardwalk and Piazza buildings, yet still unique, the building will be made from a mixture of timber cladding, white render and cement cladding.
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