Contemporary Garden Room Extension, Balcony and Garage Quarndon

Contemporary Design

bi Design was approached by our clients to add three key elements to their period property in Amber Valley Borough Council’s Quarndon Conservation Area. The brief was to create a living garden room space to the rear of the house, a balcony from the master bedroom, and a large detached garage.

The solution was designing the glasshouse to adjoin the rear of the house without needing to alter the existing first-floor windows and dormers. This was achieved using a mixture of asymmetrical pitched roofs connected by low-level valleys. We presented the proposals using our virtual reality (VR) software to enable our clients to be able to walk around their house and see exactly what the end result would be. We can even accurately show where the sunlight will be at any time of the day throughout the year and what the views from the inside to the outside will be like.

Unlike the garden room extension, the balcony and garage are far more prominent within the conservation area. These elements have been designed as a contrast to the existing property and are unapologetic in their design. Rather than attempt to blend the new elements to make them look as old as the house the use of standing seam metal and cedar cladding has created two stand-out contemporary additions.